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107  S. 11th Street

Lexington, MO 64960

Phone: 660-259-3622

Fax: 660-259-2545


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Inmate Procedures

Mail, Personal Items & Visitation Schedule


Inmate Mail Procedures-Click Here




Personal Items That Can be Given to Inmates


Males                                Females

3 White T-Shirts                 3 White Sports Bras (No Under wires)        3 White Briefs or Boxers         3 White Briefs or Boxers

3 White Pair Socks               3 White Pair Socks & cloth

                                 Pony Tail Holders (No Metal)


All Inmates


3 Paper Back Books

Money Orders Made out to the Inmate

5 Photos No Larger Than 3x5 Inches



Visiting Inmates


To visit an inmate, you must call 660-259-6682 on Mondays to make an appointment for that week.


Visiting Days


Visiting hours are from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM on visiting days.


                            Tuesday       A & C Pod


                            Wednesday     B Pod


                            Thursday      D & E Pod 






Inmates may purchase commissary items on Thursday morning of each week.  Money for commissary must be in the form of a money order made out to the inmate with the name and address of the person providing the money order.

Money orders must be submitted by Tuesday evening in order for the inmate to receive commissary that week!







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