Lafayette County Sheriff's Office
Lexington, Missouri

Neighborhood Watch Newsletter

Communication is Key!
Pam Rogers, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

Welcome to the second half of 2013! Although it’s a cliché to say “My how time flies”, it certainly applies to this year. In just a few weeks school starts and the days are already getting a bit shorter. Cooler weather is just around the corner, although this summer has been fairly kind to us as far as hot unbearable Missouri summers are concerned. If you are new to this newsletter, welcome, and let’s get started!

We have a new neighborhood watch group in the Lake Lafayette area. We are happy to have them join us. Welcome folks! If you know of anyone who would like to start a new watch group, please let us know. This system works and we are very proud of the way everyone in the watch groups coordinate to make our county safer. Thank you!


There have been some burglaries, private property damages, stolen vehicles, and of course, theft of copper over the last couple of months. Just when we think we’ve seen it all, a new method of theft pops up. If any of the groups see what appears to be work trucks repairing wires, such as cable wires, telephone wires, etc please be aware that thieves are now taking copper from those wires. Pay attention to those trucks and if they don’t have a logo on the side, let us know where they are. As a rule of thumb, repairmen don’t use personal vehicles to repair wires or poles. Get a description of the vehicle and subjects and call us. Just please stay safe and if you feel that you can’t be safe long enough to get information, just get us a location and we will come out.

Safety Tip of the Month

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to worry about much, everyone would respect everyone, and crime wouldn’t exist. Of course that’s not the way it is. If you ever find yourself a victim of a crime, or witness something that makes you uncomfortable, please remember these things:

1. Please, do not try to handle it by yourself. When personal property is stolen, it is hurtful, humiliating, and frustrating just to name a few, but remember, your life is worth more than any stereo, TV, or vehicle. Please do not put yourself in harm’s way.

2. When witnessing a crime or suspicious activity, make sure you store information in your head to give to the officers. Vehicle info, direction of travel, number of occupants, any license information, times, places, etc. All of that helps to solve the crime.


This is a new paging system that we are going to be using. This is free. Please get signed up for this new system. You will continue to be paged on our old system for alerts and bolos. However, this system is exciting. We will be able to page weather alerts, road closing and public safety information to your phone, email, or by checking your Nixle home page. Please let your friends and neighbors know about this service. Click on the link below to sign up!